In 1978, at the end of 6 years in Visual Merchandising, I changed careers and started spinning records in a small gay club in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unbelievable, I know, but the DJs were so bad I knew I could do a better job. In June of 1979 I left Utah to take a job spinning in Denver. I would work on and off in Denver's Club scene for the next 5 years, finally becoming essentially too politically incorrect, as my musical tastes were always too broad for public consumption. I'm a music purist, not a DJ Performer. I was never interested in being ON STAGE, only interested in flawless music mixing. In the years since, I have continued to program music on tape for myself and a very small group of friends. Finally, in 2004, I've begun a new era of mixed CDs.

As a DJ of more than 20 years, I've learned how to order music in a new way that creates a transcendental music meditation, regardless of what kind of music I'm using. Mixing various artists’ music together, I've learned to speak with both a masculine and feminine voice, literally speaking with a thousand voices. And using instrumentals, I've learned to speak with a purely emotional voice. My programming is harmonically correct, mixed in key with super conscious lyric content, no discernible breaks, and no commercial interruption. This allows the listener to engage a meditative state and step into Timelessness.

Though many musical artists have discovered the DJ technique of stringing songs together with no space in between, mixed CDs are still usually relegated to dance music. As dancing is one of my personal Spiritual Practices, there will always be dance music on my mixed CDs. Yet I have even broader musical tastes now than I did in the past, as you may soon see and hear.

So first and foremost, my mixed CDs exist for promotional purposes. The musicians retain all copyrights. Please help me support these artists by purchasing their music, as there is always great music on a CD that I do not use.

Yet, I am incurring regular costs in blank CDs, cases, labels, printing, as well as music, which I purchase. And there is much time involved in perfecting the mix and creating the graphic design presentation. And there are packaging and shipping costs as well. Due to recent developments, I have finally achieved near perfection, yet as an artist, I can barely afford to support my own habit.

My mixed CDs are NOT for sale. Should you have an interest, they are available on a donation basis only.

Many thanks,

J. Bruce Wilcox