J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M

for Joe: be free!

and so the day comes close to when
you’ll call your life your own again

those who chose to hold you down-
to try to take your golden crown-
they could not win- your heart so true-
they could not break your heart in two

your loss so great I can’t believe-
a heart as yours- so much to grieve-
did not destroy your spirit fine
could not destroy your soul divine

this madness is behind you now
the laughter and a magic vow
are up ahead- walk clearly on-
be unafraid- greet this new dawn

because you’ve played your part so well-
you’ve healed a hole that’s seen as hell

the courage that you’ve shown in life-
the difficulty and the strife
are nearly done- before you now
is heaven on earth- you’ll see- somehow

the time is near- you’ll know it soon
freedom will become your boon
freedom of soul- of spirit- of mind
freedom of body- enlightened- divine

this love is yours- you’ve earned it all
you’ve paid your dues- just make the call

the presence of the gods within
are yours to know- so just begin
a new life waits around the bend
a life of love and joy- no end

it’s yours- it’s here- it’s time to heal
time to know what’s truly real
be not dismayed- with hope you’ll see
the magic that is yours- be free!

receive it now- accept what’s yours
you’re universe has open doors

look within and look without
be on your path and never doubt
the gods’ love for their child divine
your wondrous heart- now free in time

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