J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M

the messenger

owl cries out... can you hear the messenger?
poised in the dark- call in the light
light is consciousness
manifestation is simply consciousness in form

as love steps into its own heart
it awakens a soul within a form
creation desires co-creators
un-cloud your crystal vision
move all emotions
know each one as sacred

unlimited vision requires detachment
detachment and separation are not the same
existing in a state of separation and letting go are not the same
believing in the illusion of separation allows fear to perpetrate itself
letting go of fear is not easy-
but peace can be found after the wave passes
blocking the wave is self-destructive

life flows in an emotional ocean
all things rise out of this as pure essence-
yet so much experience is blocked by humanity in fear
going into fear and passing through is a direct path-
but one must get clear and allow love to replace it
in truth- divinity simply is what is
acceptance of this is pure purpose

the eternal NOW exists
both within and without spacetime
form will continue its natural evolution
to manifest at higher and higher vibrations
opening to the presence of god/goddess
allows light to flow into this plane from within
getting clear is its own reward
ecstatic living is passion and compassion unified
it exists within all healing

open to the heart of the christed one
be all that is

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