J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M


just because it’s the only reality you know
doesn’t mean it’s the only reality there is

anyone who thinks that their truth is the only truth
doesn’t know the truth

any religion that says that it is the only true religion- isn’t

anyone who thinks that universal truth can even be perceived
from a human perspective doesn’t understand the universe

on earth right now no one could get any two people
to agree absolutely on what the truth- the whole truth-
and nothing but the truth- is

the truth- therefore- is totally subjective
to the individual and the moment

yet we live in a time where an unbelievable number of people
have decided that they know the truth
and that their version of it must be the truth for everyone else

and it’s usually because their book told them so
so i understand the irony of this book

until the truth of god is personally- individually
and directly experienced in your body-
on earth- during a lifetime

it’s just hearsay

and besides-
where do you think the word heresy comes from....

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