J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M

way out

angel of death- my guardian dear
i close my eyes and see you near
old friend- new friend- call my name
that time- this time come again

angel of death- i look within
i see your face- i see my end
i came- i ran this human race
could it be time to leave this place?

angel of death- my one companion
i must release feeling abandoned
come- pick me up and take me home
let me cease- no more to roam

angel of death- i’m committed to you
nowhere to go- nothing to do
stop on by- i await your knock
walk right in- my door’s unlocked

angel of death- i know my grief
help me please- i seek relief
i know that peace is also here
a simple task- let go of fear

angel of death- it’s just a game
to win- to lose- fortune or fame
i know that it’s all an illusion
has this life reached its conclusion?

angel of death- please come today
love me- heal me- light my way
you know i’m ready- have been for years
don’t want to stay- too many tears

angel of death- i merge with you
that’s the way to see me through
this side- that side- all the same
i call to you- i speak your name

angel of death- come blow your horn
this time i seek to be reborn
reborn as light and not as matter
from the former to the latter

angel of death- i followed my plan
created my art- became what i am
found my self-worth amidst the trauma
died again and again- rewrote the drama

angel of death- i surrender the play
there’s nothing left with which to pay
i’ve struggled enough- it’s time to go
fly me away and end this show

angel of death- with reason and rhyme
have i not yet completed this lifetime?
i seek an ending to all my pain
it must be freedom i will gain

angel of death- i’ve not given up
but i will not fight- so fill my cup
come to my home- visit me now
oh- i forgot... i’m homeless- somehow

angel of death- i’ve a broken heart
at least i’ve left behind my art
angel of death- i call your name
funny- somehow- my name’s the same

angel of death- my oldest friend
my one true love- is this the end?
the mirror shows a face that’s mine
your face too- angel divine

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