J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M

polictically incorrect

having read my poems it should be plain to see
that within the context of christianity
i’m politically incorrect

having processed my words i’m sure you’ll agree
that within the context of heterosexuality
i’m politically incorrect

if you contemplate my entire reality
within the context of the gay community
i’m politically incorrect

and in case you’re wondering- the label gay to me
is the most ridiculous label there could ever be
which makes me politically incorrect

i take my life quite seriously
i do not live my life frivolously
so the word gay seems foolishly incorrect

some people i knew growing up with me
went over the edge suicidally
they certainly felt politically incorrect

i’ve been so depressed that it seems to me
that just to be here at all is still magically
more interesting than being politically correct

so- since I adamantly refuse to be
reduced to my gender or my sexuality
i’ll remain politically incorrect

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