J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M

holy war- an oxymoron

my god’s bigger than your god!
no! my god’s bigger than your god!
therefore my god can beat up your god!
isn’t that what god’s are all about?
isn’t that what gods are for?
to beat each other up-
you know- jihad! you know- holy war!
you know- christians are better than jews
and jews are better than muslims
and muslims are better than hindus
and hindus are better than buddhists
and buddhists are better than mormons
and mormons are better than everybody
of course- i grew up a mormon
so let’s subdivide
my jesus is better than your jesus
and my jesus is better than your mohammed
and my mohammed is better than your buddha
and my buddha is better than your mary
and my mary is better than your quan yin
and my quan yin is better than your shakti and shiva combined
this is endless- and pointless
so let’s subdivide some more
catholics are better than protestants
and protestants are better than lutherans
and lutherans are better than episcopalians
and episcopalians are better than baptists
and baptists are better than mormons
and these are just the christian subdivisions...
what about all other religious subdivisions?
oh- wait! i’m pretty sure irish catholics
think they are better than greek orthodox catholics
i’m pretty sure irish catholics think they are better
than everybody- even mormons
and what about those unitarian universalists
and everybody’s better than those damned new agers
who actually think you can be directly connected to god
without even needing a religion
and let’s not forget those native americans
and their wacky earth centered belief structure

and what about those pagans
with their chanting and drumming!
and let’s not forget the wiccans either
and their infernal goddess worship
my god’s better than your goddess?
oh- wait!
i forgot about politics...
and what about race and ethnic origin?
looks like this could go on forever-
because each group thinks that they are gods’ chosen people...
you know- more people have died in the name of god
than for any other unreasonable reason
maybe we should just ask all these gods and their believers
to get the fuck out of here so we can stop fighting with each other
over which one/s of them are right
they’re all just labels! religious labels- for gods sake!
religious belief structures trying to legislate morality
and ending up creating moronity
poor- poor human race
forgetting simply that it is god-
as is everything around it-
and thinking that a holy war will solve everything
nuclear annihilation over religious differences
all gods that perpetrate this should be put to death
for unbearably boring stupidity
and do you want to see your so-called satan?
look into the eyes of the perpetrators of the war machine
war doesn’t solve things-
it perpetrates more war
you know- war is very big business...
as is religion...
where’s all this going to end?
it’s just a tiny little planet!
we could actually blow up our tiny little planet!
holy war- an oxymoron
time to stop fighting with each other and love each other instead-
the basis of all true religion

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