J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M

the spark

within the human bodymind
what is the purpose of a spark?
a spark ignites- if understood
if fired up fierce passion plays
upon the face of god-
within the heart of god

mother/father- light this realm
tend this carefully laid-out plan
to fan these sparks to brilliant flame

a spark is here in everything
why be distracted by so much
illusions all...
not well and good-
not this or that-
not us or them-
but just one thing

yet- one is all
and all have sparks that must ignite

vast fires rage- yet can be held
within the conscious- understood
held safely- held gently-
even used to love and heal

within the human bodymind
matter is magnetic fire-
spirit is electric fire
wed together sparks the flame
let this inner light explain how to ignite divine flame

unify the bodymind
integrate the heart and mind
illuminate the cosmic mind
allow the fire to exclaim the gods within
their presence- plain

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