J  B R UC E   W I L C O X . C O M

twenty first century fool

back in bygone days- one might have been amazed
by all the tricks and trappings of the fool
now that we are here- royalty is rarely near
and what has cycled in is to be cool

not-with-standing out- crystal clear- no doubt
it’s once-upon-a-timelessness that is the rule
creativity is source- just call upon the force
and the way will open for the joker’s tool

it’s illumination time- enlightenment is prime
androgyny has leapt beyond the duel
suffering must cease- we must source inner peace
self-inflicted suffering is so cruel

recognizing need- this call that we must heed
we’ll lighten up this space and share renewal
we’ll cleanse and purify- know we can not die
no longer need we be the april fool

regardless of the age- we’ll turn another page
knowledge knows no limit- this is school
on a mystic plane- magic has free reign
we’ll immerse ourselves within the whirlpool

with gestures such as these- movement meant to please
we’ll humor those around the flashing jewel
polished- and yet crass- tasteful- but still trash
the universal child has found the fuel

so those called golden days- remembered- yet rephrased
are here again- if only you’ll
ask just to know that all-that-is- is whole
balanced in the twenty first century fool

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